SKOPEESRC Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (Universities of Oxford and Warwick, England)
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22 December 2010 - GMP Securities has led the underwriters in the recently completed initial public offering of Skope Energy Inc (TSX:SKL), the Canadian oil and gas firm said on Tuesday.
Exploring worker perceptions of skill in two UK call centres, SKOPE, Universities of Oxford and Cardiff, Oxford and Cardiff.
SKOPE, which is based at Warwick and Oxford University, found that the number of jobs for which computer literacy was essential jumped from 31 per cent to 40 per cent between 1997 and 2001.
Contract notice: Purchase of digital x-ray, X-ray for skope for the needs of the department of medical radiology as part of the co-financing project no pois.09.02.00-00-0041 / 16
With so much talent and passion merging on a single platform, this track is already a memorandum in the world of amusing harmony." - Skope Magazine - Natalie Parker
WORCESTER -- After a graffiti spree late last month in which vandals spray painted their "Chino'' and "Skope'' tags on scores of buildings here, some property owners grumbled about the city dispatching constables to their doorsteps with notices threatening fines if the tags weren't cleaned up in a week.
Operation Skope was carried out by Northumbria Police Crime Operations detectives.
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Police said the graffiti on Park Avenue, reading "Chino'' and "Skope,'' matched vandalism at several other locations.
Operation Skope came after months of intelligence gathering on network links supplying class A drugs to North Tyneside.
Tenders are invited for repair/rewinding of skope make sub p/sets at various t/wells in sangam vihar constituency ac-49.
Group play is magnificent as World5 listen to each other." - Skope Magazine