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SKOSSimple Knowledge Organization System
SKOSSimple Knowledge Organisation System
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Os vocabularios sao construidos com o uso de SKOS, dcterms, dentre outros, o que permite interoperabilidade com diversas aplicacoes da Web.
* SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) es un conjunto de terminos para compartir y encadenar conceptos.
For example, in the museum use case, we chose to model the data using the CIDOC CRM ontology, (3) an ISO standard ontology for modeling cultural heritage data, and the SKOS ontology for modeling knowledge organization systems.
Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) SKOS application is another system based on RDF developed for the publishing of different types of vocabularies and for the indexing of resources related to the
Such matching relations, e.g., skos:closeMateh have been proposed by the SKOS W3C Recommendation (7) and their formal characterization is part of ongoing research (Halpin et al.
It means that CaSOB does not provide specific ontology languages such as RDF, OWL, SKOS, and Topic Map.
Future work will also involve the adoption of existing vocabularies such as SKOS and DBpedia for enriching the KNOWEB-S model defined in section 1.3, and the construction of a platform for service discovery based on the annotations generated by the system we introduced in this paper.
To make use of commercially available taxonomies the widely used XML-based SKOS format is fully supported for data interchange.