SKPCSidi Krier Petrochemicals Company
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The report said that SKPC benefited from a rally in global polyethylene prices during the first half (H1) of 2018, as new plants in the US were slow to start, resulting in a supply gap.
The report also noted that SKPC experienced some pressure on margins throughout 2018, with gross margins contracting from 30% in the first quarter (Q1) to 23% in the Q3.
If the strain on margins persist, it could warrant another downgrade to SKPC. We assume a stable feedstock cost of $7.25/mmBtu over our forecast horizon, with margin pressure in the next two years coming mainly from the expected decline in polyethylene prices."
Meanwhile, the report said that the lack of significant developments and the prolonged announcement of further details regarding SKPC's new polypropylene project has forced them to exclude the project from their fair value (FV) for the time being.
"We remain sceptical that SKPC will be able to own 100% of the $1.2bn plant, as it would result in a massive shift in the company's capital structure and will require a capital increase, if not multiple, given the company's commitment to pay dividends.
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The holding company justified its decision to halt gas supplies under the pretext of periodic maintenance needed for the company that supplies gas to SKPC.
It would create losses, hurt the plastics sector and cause the collapse of small and medium-sized factories, as SKPC supplies raw polyethylene for roughly 70% of plastic factories in Egypt, he added.
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