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In the present study, we too observed higher production of protease activity (30.89 U [mg.sup.-1] protein) by the best antagonist isolate (SKPf 5) and the least activity was for SKPf 6 and SKPf 10 corresponding to the non-antagonist.
rolfsii was in the range of 23.83 % to 62.26% corresponding to the isolates SKPf 11 and SKPf 5 respectively.
In the present study, all Pseudomonas isolates reported to produce siderophores (Figure 3), the maximum production was recorded for SKPf 11 (15.13 [micro]g benzoic acid.[mL.sup.-1]), where as lowest was for SKPf1 (0.99 [micro]g benzoic acid.[mL.sup.-1]).
The capability of SKPf 5 to produce higher SA compared to all other isolates possibly explains its superior antagonistic behaviour against the S.
The IAA production capacity of the tested isolates was in the range of 59.32 (SKPf 2) to 282.84 ng.[mL.sup.-1] (SKPf 5).