SKPOStichting Katholiek Primair Onderwijs (Dutch: Catholic Primary Education Foundation; Netherlands)
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Rep = Repeat, Dec = Decrease, 2Tog = together (work next two stitches together) SKPO = (Slip 1st knitwise, k1, pass slipped stitch over knitted stitch) FISHERMAN'S RIB Row 1: K2, (P1,K2) rep.
The market dialogue is partly intended to market to bring the level of procurement plans and requirements of the SKPO (SKPO will do so the market with further information) and secondly to get on with SKPO existing deficiencies or ambiguities about the procurement plans and requirements detailed information from market through questionnaires.
Delivery of school furniture to Stichting EYE, SKBO and SKPO Novum.