SKPTSimultaneous Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation
SKPTSurat Keterangan Pendaftaran Tanah (Indonesian: Land Registration Certificate; Indonesia)
SKPTSekcja Krajowa Pracowników Telekomunikacji (Polish: Section National Telecommunications Workers)
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For the SKPT, Japan agreed to build it on the Morotai and Natuna Island.
The focus of this cooperation agreement is the provision of internet access services for the development of the marine and fisheries sector at Sentra Marine and Fisheries Integrated (SKPT), the development and utilization of informatics applications and community empowerment through the utilization of information technology, and the provision and utilization of radio frequency resources in the sector marine and fisheries in content development and dissemination of information in the marine and fisheries sector.
Secretary General of KKP Rifky Effendi Hardijanto explained that internet access is very important, especially to encourage the performance of KKP officers while working in SKPT, which is mostly located in the outer islands of Indonesia.
Later the implementation of this cooperation agreement is the addition of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and the strengthening of internet data access network in SKPT. These activities were previously tested in 2017 at SKPT Strait Lampa Natuna to support online transaction activities in banking activities and access connectivity.
'We will start the SKPT development on Natuna and Morotai with the groundbreaking this year, God willing,' she said.
One of them by providing support to the development of Sentra Marine and Fisheries Integrated (SKPT).
Tender notice number : B/SG/Proj/ Outdoor PU,MLU & SKPT /04/ 2015 -16/1 Dt: 08.06.2015.