SKQSeckou Keita Quartet (band)
SKQSara Kiersten Quin (singer)
SKQSexual Knowledge Questionnaire
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The SKQ is a 16-item Likert instrument with fewer items than the original versions (Ryan & Aikenhead, 1992; Saunders, 1998).
SkQs prolonged life of different organisms [68], helped animals to survive after brain and kidney ischemia [69], stroke, and heart attack [64], and decelerated the development of many age-related pathological states, such as cataract and some other eye diseases, balding, achromotrichia, lordokyphosis, and myeloid shift of the blood [20].
While the physiological protective effects of SkQs and some other mitochondrially targeted antioxidants are well documented (see [46] for a recent review), the mechanism of their action has remained obscure.