SKRSouth Korea
SKRSveriges Kvinnojourers Riksförbund (Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters)
SKRSafe Keeping Receipt
SKRSerial Killin Records
SKRSwedish Kroner (unit of currency)
SKRSally K. Ride (Elementary School)
SKRSoap Kayak Race (Italy)
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Scientists have known for some time that Saturn's magnetospheric processes are linked together, from the activity generating the SKR emission relatively near the planet to the periodic signatures in Saturn's magnetosphere stretching millions of miles downstream in the planet's magnetotail.
Kennelly found that during winter in the northern hemisphere, the occurrence of flux tubes correlates with SKR period originating in the northern hemisphere.
Keating Supercars come in two versions, the SKR coupe and the track-ready TKR.
In a damages suit filed by victims' families against JR West and SKR, the Osaka District Court in March 1999 ordered both sides to pay a total of 500 million yen in compensation.
This dust-plasma interaction impacts the dynamics of Saturn's magnetosphere, possibly influencing the rate of SKR emissions.
In March last year, the Otsu District Court in the western Japanese prefecture found three SKR employees including the conductor guilty for ignoring a red light and failing to maintain the signal system under SKR control.
Relatives of the other victims have accepted offers from SKR and JR West to settle their cases out of court.
The public procurement law according to GWB, VgV and VOL / A SKR is therefore not applicable to those contracts, as well as the supplier pool.
SKR is a leading international practice in due diligence, feasibility studies and confidential internal reviews.
It had been thought that the motion of magnetospheric particles that emit SKR radiation was linked to motion of the planetary interior, but the discovery of the second component cast doubt on this interpretation.
The Osaka District Court ruled Monday that sloppy safety procedures by JR West and local railway firm SKR caused the crash in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, western Japan, that claimed the lives of 42 people and injured 614 others.
And from the unlikely setting of a barn outside Southport, the scarlet silk wraps have been lifted from the Keating SKR, a pounds 90,000 gleam machine its makers believe could become a national institution.