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SKRAMSkills, Knowledge, Resources, Authority, Motive (criminal risk assessment)
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I'm sure every ALSE tech wants the scoop on SKRAM, so here it is.
Homeboy teens Kitchin (Mtume Gant) and Skram (Chris Messina) are nervously hanging out waiting for a man from Oswego, who they apparently expect will pay handsomely for the little girl they've kidnapped and locked in the boiler room.
The Evening Telegraph Steeplechase, for the Stratford Summer Cup, was won by Skram, owned by Peter Evans and Cathleen Weaver and trained by Stratford trainer Robin Dickin.
The names of Ask The Natives, Real Estate, Shooting Light and Skram were added to the list boosting the number of entries to nine for the Grade Two event.
Stratford-upon-Avon-trained Skram can atone for his rare lapse last Sunday by hitting the winning trail again in the Winning Weekend Handicap Chase - he is certainly not overburdened with weight.
Skram, who was married and divorced twice, decried the double standard brought to bear on women and deplored the sexual ignorance of most women before marriage.
In actual fact, older Norwegian and Danish literature circulated freely in the same literary waters: Ludvig Holberg, Johannes Ewald, Amalie Skram, Johannes V.
Surface says: "Skram makes furniture that defies easy definition.
Krog skram ook nie weg om ongemaklike sake aan te roer nie; daardie sake wat deesdae verswyg word.
Meyer skram nie van die heersende probleme van die samelewing weg nie.
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