SKRLSingapore-Kunming Rail Link
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Regarding the remaining HSR projects, although Thailand is the main investor in the line from Bangkok to Hua Hin, and has not yet indicated which technology it will adopt, China, with its deep interest in SKRL and investments in Malaysia's railway industry via the China Railway Engineering Corp (Malaysia), may gain some advantage in winning this project.
Another important direction will be the line between Bangkok and Hua Hin or Kuala Lumpur, which are critical for the viability of the proposed SKRL. Although the project is likely to be funded by Thailand itself, the adoption of foreign HSR technology is indispensable, and China has clear motives for eventually realizing the vision of the SKRL.
As the projected SKRL cannot bypass Thailand, Bangkok holds a strategic veto.
(45) As such, with Thailand's ability to determine the feasibility of the SKRL thanks to its geographical location, financial or technological superiority is unlikely to provide China with a decisive advantage over Thailand in bilateral HSR negotiations.
Because Java is an island, connecting it to the SKRL would be very costly and not without significant engineering problems.