SKSOSistem Komunikasi Serat Optik (Indonesian: Optical Communication System)
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A number of projects like RMJ SKSO Fiber Optic cable of Package III in Kalimantan of Telkom, Dumai--Melaka Cable System (DMCS) of Telkom and Telekom Malaysia, and SKKL of Indosat using NEC as the vendor.
Cyber--Serpong Source: Data Consult Table--2 Vendors of fiber optic networks in several network projects in Indonesia Length Network Operator Projects (km) vendor Telkom Installation of NEC Fiber Optic RMJ SKSO cable of Package III Kalimantan JaKa2LaDeMa' 3,139 Fujitsu and NSW Jasuka (Java-- 2,999 Sumatra-- Kalimantan) Telkom-- Dumai--Melaka 150 NEC Telekom Cable System (Malaysia) (DMCS) Telkom High Performance 2,000 Siemens Back Bone (HPBB) -Pirelly Sumatra Indosat Sea cable 1,300 NEC communications system (SKKL) Jakabare (Java, Kalimantan, Batam, Singapore) Icon + Procurement of conductor and fiber optic project Excelcomindo 550 Alcatel Lucent Vendors of Value fiber (US $ Operator optic million) Year Telkom PT.