SKSSSun Kei Secondary School (Hong Kong)
SKSSSouth Kamloops Secondary School (Canada)
SKSSSilent Knights Soaring Society (radio controlled model plane club; Newark, DE)
SKSSSilent Knight Software Suite
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The design of the students knowledge sharing system (SKSS) starts from Security Page where registered Users key-in their Log-in details to have access to the systems' services which includes User's Profile Management, Knowledge Sharing, System Information and Help Tips (Figure 3).
The SKSS is structured such that it allows two access points to the system (Figure 4), they are;
Productivity enhancements available for the SKSS include the capability of using longer drill pipes, a 5-pipe carousel, higher drill head speed, and operator-comfort items such as air-operated cascading stairs and 360[degree sign] anti-slip walkways.
Its specifications indicate that the SKSS falls into the medium-size rotary rig class, joining machines such as Bucyrus' diesel-powered 39R (hole diameter: 9 inch to 13 3/4 inch/hole depth: 35 ft/bit loading: 122,000 lb), and Sandvik Driltech Mission's diesel-powered D90KS (hole diameter: 9 inch to 15 inch/hole depth: 65 ft/bit loading 110,000 lb) or the all-electric 1190E, which has features and performance similar to the D90KS.
Jack Killorin of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms labeled SKSs as "high-tech firearms at Saturday Night Special prices."
Maybe you don't care for SKSs. We always found them reliable, good triggers, and accurate out to 500 yards (in person, I'll be happy to tell you the story of the SKS shooter "fanning" the 500-yard military-surplus pop-up target from prone).
Although I have to admit the darn things worked and worked well under some incredibly rough conditions.-I saw numbers of SKSs in Vietnam that had been carried by the Viet Cong and had seen some really rough use.
Later however, SKSs made in Russia and various other former eastern European countries, especially the former Yugoslavia, were imported and are still readily available.
All sorts of guns were initially imported, including huge numbers of SKSs. These were selling for about $ 100 a copy and were extremely popular.
While AK-47s and SKSs are common today, years ago you would have been more likely to find a Martian ray gun in dealer racks than any com-bloc weapon.
As just about everyone who reads this magazine is fully aware, China can't export the fun stuff like AKs, SKSs, Tokarev and Makarov pistols to this country.