SKTFSveriges Kommunaltjänstemannaförbund
SKTFSally Kress Tompkins Fellowship (Society of Architectural Historians)
SKTFSigaret Kretek Tangan Filter (Indonesian: Hand-Rolled Cigarette Filter)
SKTFSERA (Southeastern Regional Association) Karst Task Force (cave cleanup group)
SKTFSveriges Kvalitetstekniska Förening
SKTFSafe Kids Task Force (Snoqualmie Valley, WA)
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On March 22, four miners were killed by SKTF members in Barangay (village) Gata, Caramoan town, which led to the filing of criminal charges against them.
On the other hand, the Bicol regional police office "concluded that the unlicensed firearms could have been used" in the killing "considering that firearms of the provincial government are issued to the members of the SKTF.
Albis then sought the young governor's assistance on the police investigation into the shooting incident, but Villafuerte told Albis in a letter dated April 1 that SKTF members "have nothing to do or have no involvement" in the incident.
According to Mabulo, an SKTF inspection team he created found out on Dec.
He said they asked those rounded up to stop their illegal mining activities while he assigned SKTF enforcers to the area.
Mabulo said that despite SKTF presence in the area and the lack of permit to conduct mining activities, the people under the direction of Sueno and Breis had continued to conduct mining activities in the area.