SKTNStichting Klippel Trenaunay Nederland (Dutch: Klippel Trenaunay Netherlands Foundation; vascular abnormality)
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Speakers at the event include Dan Mistry from UKAEA Culham Division, which helps UK industry win international supply contracts, and Terry Nicklin from SKTN, which focuses on maximising industry opportunities through its work with research facilities.
Tenders are invited for Outsourcing of Mechanized Cleaning of coaches at SGRL Coaching depot in Trains originating from SGRL depot and turn-round trains at SGRL & SKTN and cleaning of depot premises of SGRL depot for a period of three years.
by providing deep tube well at KRSL & SKTN, RCC O/H tank at GHQ & KRSL, individual PVC tank with pipe line at GHD, RNQ, KRSL & SKTN etc.