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SKUASubsurface Knowledge Unified Approach (geology)
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Reproductive tactics of the Longtailed Skua Stercorarius longicaudus.
Two Pomarine Skuas in Svalbard Picture: DEWI EDWARDS
The predatory skua will normally only land when breeding.
Huge necks of angular stone jut upward from penguin nesting grounds, perfect vantage points for Antarctic tern and skua birds.
Votier says he's seen a skua catch a bird and hold it underwater to drown it.
These were Skuas, large predatory seabirds that make their living chasing other seabirds and making them disgorge their food.
A Long-tailed Skua was pushed close to RSPB South Stack on Monday's strong winds, which are bad news for cliff-nesting auks on the point of hatching.
Together, these two new weapons are aimed at replacing the helicopter's existing Sea Skua missile.
Great Skua (Stercorarius skua) and larger gull species are also known to depredate kittiwake chicks, with the impact of such predation considered previously (Furness 1981, Massaro et al.
Monday's winds brought two pomarine skuas past RSPB South Stack, and an Arctic skua chased a flock of 250 Arctic terns into the Glaslyn estuary, where three black terns fed last week.
I am delighted that we were lucky enough to see these beautiful, yet vulnerable creatures on the trip as well as dolphins, gannets and the 'pirate' of seabirds - the Skua.
5'' Mk 8 Gun 2 x 30mm Automated Guns NATO Seagnat Decoy Launchers Machine Guns Up to 30 missiles at once Aircraft: 1 x LYNX helicopter with Sea Skua Anti-Ship Missiles Stingray Torpedoes Machine Guns Scope: Creates 4,500 watts of power, enough to power Southampton.