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SKUASubsurface Knowledge Unified Approach (geology)
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Two Pomarine Skuas in Svalbard Picture: DEWI EDWARDS
The sudden arrival of lots of lemmings in the spring (sometimes referred to as "lemming peaks") provides food for the Arctic foxes, owls, and skua.
After several other trips around the world, including two expeditions to South Georgia and the South Shetlands (1987 and 1990), where he wanted to study other skua species, Ko returned to his beloved Arctic.
One group was sending out loud distress calls as a skua bird, a giant-size potential predator, soared overhead.
Great skuas (Stercorarius skua) are excellent at scrambling for the windfall, and the researchers suggest that abundant discards contributed to a jump in European skua populations during the past century.
Species sightings ranged from numerous eastern bluebirds and various types of ducks, to a rare great skua that was spotted on Long Island.
Both individuals belong to the Brown Skua group and measurements taken of the Glamorgan bird, suggest that it may be of the race antarctica, so a Falklands Brown Skua, a first for Europe.
They support not only large populations of penguins (rockhopper, gentoo, Magellanic) and black-browed albatrosses, but also Southern giant petrel, Falklands skua, and one of the world's rarest birds-of-prey, the "johnny rook" (a.
In the latter capacity, it can carry the MBDA Sea Skua anti-ship missile.
LONG-TAILED SKUA (left): "Among the cliffs of the northern shores, cold seas often have reflection stripped by the dark surroundings," says painter Julian Friers.
More than A$5 billion has been earned from Jabiru, Challis, Skua and Cassini oil developments since Timor Sea production started in 1986.
Just yards from the beach and with a magnificent view, the Ocean development of one and two bedroom homes has already proved popular and now the company have opend their latest showhome, the Skua.