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SKUMSigma Kappa Upsilon Mu (fraternity, Michigan Technical University)
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Summary of notations Notation Description BS Base Station KMP Key Management Protocol TK Temporary Key LBK Local Broadcast Key GBK Global Broadcast Key PWK Pairwise Key H() One-way hash function MAC Message Authentication Code EncK(M) Encrypting of message M with symmetric key K Notation Description SPDM Secure Path Discovery Message SJRM Secure Join Router Message SRRM Secure Router Response Message ABM Authenticated Broadcast Message HKDM Hash Key Disclosure Message ABAM Authenticated Broadcast Alarm Message HKDAM Hash Key Disclosure of Alarm Message SKUM Secure Key Update Message SAKUM Secure Ack of Key Update Message
As Assad's departure seems imminent, most Kurds in Syria have shifted from a neutral position to the anti-Assad camp, though differences remain between the SNC and SKUM, an umbrella organization encompassing 16 Kurdish parties, over the prospective status of Kurds in post-Assad era.
SKUM: Swedish marshmallows that could leave a nasty taste in your mouth.
Salih Muslim, the leader of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) -- a political offshoot of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Syria, and Kurdish National Assembly (SKUM) President Ismail Heme met with Barzani to discuss the Syrian crisis and how to develop a joint strategy regarding defending Kurdish rights through overcoming their differences.
A SKUM official who attended the meeting, which was closed to the press, said Barzani urged sides to end the rift among themselves and unite around a common goal of bringing down the Assad regime.
SWEDEN rejoices in Krapp toilet paper and Plopp chocolate, as well as Skum marshmallows.