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SLAService Level Agreement
SLASymbionese Liberation Army
SLASoftware License Agreement
SLASpecial Libraries Association
SLASealed Lead-Acid (rechargeable battery)
SLASecond Language Acquisition
SLASri Lankan Army
SLAStereolithography (Rapid prototyping technology)
SLAState Liquor Authority (New York State Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control / State Liquor Authority)
SLASurplus Line Association (Chicago, IL)
SLASudanese Liberation Army
SLASoftwood Lumber Agreement (US/Canada)
SLAStereolithography Apparatus
SLASouth Lebanese Army
SLASpecial Leave Accrual
SLAShort-and-Long-arm (automotive suspension)
SLASustainable Livelihoods Approach
SLASecretariat for Legal Affairs (Organization of American States)
SLASubledger Accounting
SLAStanford Linear Accelerator
SLASite-Level Aggregation
SLASoluble Liver Antigen
SLASite Level Aggregator
SLASaskatchewan Library Association
SLASingle Living Accommodation (UK armed forces)
SLAShuttle Laser Altimeter (US NASA)
SLASand-Blasted, Large Grit, Acid-Etched (surface treatment)
SLASpacecraft Lunar Module Adapter (NASA Saturn V spacecraft)
SLASlow Left Arm Orthodox (cricket)
SLAState Lead Agency
SLAStretched Lens Array
SLASociété Canadienne de la Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Canada)
SLAScottish Library Association
SLASalta, Salta, Argentina - International (Airport Code)
SLAScanning Laser Altimeter
SLASynchronous Line Adapter
SLASingle Line Adapter
SLASo Long, Astoria (Ataris song/album)
SLASchool Licensing Agreement (Novell)
SLASandia Laboratories Albuquerque
SLASierra National Airlines, Sierra Leone (ICAO code)
SLASpell-Like Ability (Dungeons and Dragons)
SLAService Level Assessment
SLASindhi Language Authority
SLASupplemental License Agreement
SLASimple Living America
SLAScanned Linear Array (display technology)
SLASolutions Latin America (Brasil)
SLASwiss Labor Assistance (est. 1936; Switzerland)
SLAService Life Allowance (US DoD)
SLASmart Living Association
SLASeven Letter Acronym
SLASecurity Logistics Agency
SLASquare Loop Antenna
SLASectorial Loop Antenna
SLASubstantial Land Alteration (Planning and Zoning Commissions)
SLAServices Locations Audiovisuels (French: Audiovisual Rental Services)
SLASix Letter Acronym
SLAStrategic Logistic Agency
SLASurface Level Analysis
SLASaved Leave Accrued
SLASpecification Limit Analysis
SLAStudent Librarian Association
SLAStudent Led Activity
SLASri Lankan Association
SLASexual Liberation Army
SLAScience Leadership Academy (Philadelphia, PA)
SLAState Licensing Agency (various locations)
SLAScience Learning Assessment (kindergarten)
SLAScottish Local Authority (UK)
SLASaskatchewan Lacrosse Association (Canada)
SLASaturn LEM Adapter
SLASchool Library Association (UK)
SLAStudio Legale Associato (Italian law firm)
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In order to use the Yucatan miniature pigs, we initially investigated 6 SLA loci in this pig population.
According to the previous assessment, there were 12 novel alleles of 25 alleles in SLA class I and II genes (Table I).
In this study, hierarchical self-healing (SH)SLA model is proposed to enforce the SLA monitoring and violation reacting in cloud computing.
Currently we must make sure to integrate SLA members in employment and help them find housing solutions.
In a nutshell: Bracing documentary about the rise and fall of the SLA.
SLA, SLS, or large FDM RP machines typically allow for somewhat larger build envelopes--up to 24 x 24 x 20 in.
Our new Virus Response SLA offers customers the benefits of Trend Micro's proven antivirus expertise and service with penalty-backed response guarantees.
The first article in this series illustrates how these quantities can form the basis for designing the SLA, in terms of probability of data loss and the impact of that loss.
Can we not offer refugee status to the SLA and their families, and participate in peace negotiations involving the South Lebanese Maronite Catholics?
If SLA adopts all the education-related recommendations, it will be a strong statement regarding their concern and involvement in the issue.
NASDAQ: NTCT), a leading provider of network and application performance management solutions, today announced nGenius Performance Manager for NetFlow, a NetFlow-centric solution that includes fully integrated support for Cisco's IP SLA.