SLAESchool of Liberal Arts and Education (various schools)
SLAESecuritytube Linux Assembly Expert
SLAESistema de Lavado Alta Eficiencia (Spanish: High Efficiency Laundry System)
SLAESystem of Linear Algebraic Equations
SLAESquid Log Analyzer Express (platform)
SLAESimultaneous Linear Algebraic Equations
SLAESri Lanka Association of Economists
SLAEStandard Lightweight Avionic Equipment
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At the second approximation [4], the voltages in the nodes and currents in the branches of the grounding's equivalent circuit calculated in the first approximation are used as additional initial data, namely, the grounding is represented as non-equipotential--the SLAE has the form (5), and the above current values allow to clarify the magnetic permeability of the electrode steel [mu].
Figures 8(a), (b) come from the solution of the SLAE (15) and presents the amplitude (Fig.