SLAFSri Lanka Air Force
SLAFSand Lake Association of Fisherpeople (Sand Lake, MI)
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If he was made FM for winning the war, then the SLN and SLAF commanders of that time should also have been so rewarded as they were all given 4 star General ranks at the same time for leading their services to win the war.
New Delhi has opposed SLAF plans to buy the J-17s on the ground that Sri Lanka does not need fighter aircraft.
Even during my research, several years after the East had ceased to be a main theater of combat, my conversations, especially with key informants, were haunted by rumors of disappearances, emerging armed groups, and discriminatory and violent acts against Tamil and Muslim civilians perpetrated by the many SLAF forces that remained in the area.
The SLAF has been criticized by the international community for committing various acts of war crimes during and after the military operation of 2009.
They were taken to Kankasanthurai harbour and returned to Colombo by SLAF plane.
He said the SLAF were keeping a 24-hour vigil regarding the unidentified lights that were witnessed in the skies and that there was no clear evidence to confirm such rumours.
The SLAF acknowledged ''considerable damage'' to two helicopter gunships and a supersonic fixed-wing trainer aircraft.
The SLAF, which also handled vapour detections for explosives, will now have the authority to issue passes to areas in the facility.
He has served in SLAF Base Katunayaka, Anuradhapura, and Rathmalana , SLAF Station Colombo, Batticaloa, and Iranamadu and SLAF Trade Training School as a fire and rescue operator.
Later, when SLAF Base ChinaBay was upgraded and renamed as the Air Force Academy, he was re-designated as the Commandant of the Air Force Academy.
The Government of Sri Lanka has decided to purchase new fighters in order to replace the ageing fighter planes of the SLAF so that the forces remain well-equipped to ensure maritime security and also to stay prepared for handling any sudden threat.