SLAISteel Lancer Arena International (game)
SLAISecond Language Acquisition Institute (Davis, CA)
SLAISurplus Line Association of Idaho (insurance)
SLAISign Language Association of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
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Slais faced several major challenges to the company, including helping the brewery stay strong as national brewers began to penetrate the Pittsburgh market.
It seemed like we just finished one and breathed a sigh of relief, and here came Eloise (Cohen) saying we had to plan another one,'' Slais said.
Mary Claire Slais and fellow AAUW member Eloise Cohen are co-chairs for the concerts.
More than a fair-weather flying piano player, Slais earned his musical wings honestly.
When Slais took up the piano, he knew he had found his instrument.
Between a long stint in the Air Force and his career with the airlines, Slais toyed with the idea of playing piano professionally.
Ultimately, Slais settled on a flying career, opting to play the role of visiting musician wherever he landed.
The remaining five papers review research contributions of SLAIS members over substantial periods of time: Automatic Text Analysis by Artificial Intelligence, Advances in Data Mining for Biomedical Research, Explanation and Reliability of Individual predictions in machine learning, DEX Methodology: Thirty three years of qualitative multi-attribute modeling, and ORANGE: Data Mining Fruitful and Fun.
Details of the initiative have yet to be announced, but Mr Slais said it would start with a meeting explaining the goals and how they will be achieved.
Now a pilot for the commuter line Northwest Airlink, Slais will be one of the professionals addressing the importance of math and science education at the American Association of University Women's fourth annual Math and Science Conference on Saturday.
Adrienne Slais' mother, Mary Claire Slais - who has taught at past conferences and owns Frames By You on Moorpark Road - said that chemistry and math are used extensively in her line of work.
But Mary Claire Slais didn't learn about science and math in high school.