SLAISteel Lancer Arena International (game)
SLAISecond Language Acquisition Institute (Davis, CA)
SLAISurplus Line Association of Idaho (insurance)
SLAISign Language Association of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
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There are minor quibbles with SLAI - it took the better part of 40 minutes to get from turning on my console to actually pulling the trigger and taking out an 'enemy' and the tutorials were more than a tad patronising.
Abbreviations: AUC, area under the curve; AUCLSR, area under the leaf-to-stem ratio curve; AUCPGLAI, area under the PGLAI curve; AUCSGLAI, area under the secondary leaves curve; AUDC, area under the percentage defoliation curve; AUDW, area under the dry weight curve; AURC, area under the percentage reflectance curve; CST, central standard time; GLAI, green leaf area index; PGLAI, green leaf area index for primary leaves; PLAI, leaf area index for primary leaves; SGLAI, green leaf area index for secondary leaves; SLAI, leaf area index for secondary leaves.
Recently, stories have surfaced that some unscrupulous parties supposedly representing the SLAIs have been exploiting financially distressed Philippine National Police pensioners through dubious schemes that yield enormous financial rewards for the schemers.
To provide an opportunity for SLAIS students to develop skills by providing information services and instruction in an academic setting;
Slais began working for the brewery in 1938 and returned in 1946 after a three-year stint in the Army.
Mary Clair Slais of Frames By You in Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Retired airline pilot and pianist John Slais takes off on the keyboard Sunday as featured musician for the American Association of University Women's ``Jazz at the Forum'' concert at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.
Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi received student Zain Abdullah Slais and student Zaina Abdulqader Al Baluchi the winners of Prince Sultan bin Salman Contest for Holy Quran Memorisaton2016 , alongside with their parents and Private Education Directorate specialists, wishing them perpetual success.
Organisation spokesman Yaqoob Slais said the initiative aimed to highlight peaceful ways for people to express their opinions, without resorting to violence on the streets or abuse on social networking sites.
Adrienne Slais had all the support she needed from her parents when she set out to pursue a career as a pilot.
SLAIs THWAITE Saracens secured their first Pennine League Premier Division 'double' of the season with an excellent 18-6 triumph over Hunslet Old Boys.
SLAIS (Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society) is an association of researchers and practitioners in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Slovenia.