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Slowly it forced its path, pushing the slain this way and that, till at length it stood upon its feet and tottered towards us--a thing dreadful to look on.
Then he went in chase of the Paeonians, who were flying along the bank of the river in panic when they saw their leader slain by the hands of the son of Peleus.
He swelled his stream into a torrent, and swept away the many dead whom Achilles had slain and left within his waters.
All was now covered with the flood of waters, and much goodly armour of the youths that had been slain was rifting about, as also many corpses, but he forced his way against the stream, speeding right onwards, nor could the broad waters stay him, for Minerva had endowed him with great strength.
Tangonan said all the slain rebels had also been identified and their bodies claimed by their relatives.
Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYRA) Chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi led the funeral prayers of slain protesters, Shoaib and Mohammad Ali, at College Ground in Kasur.
Talking to the family of Achakzai, the Chief Minister said that efforts were underway to bring the killers of the slain principal to justice.
Aisha Hasan giving threats that if their pending salaries were not paid by the government and the killers of Salma the slain polio worker then they would be announce complete strike for immunization campaign as well as Sehat Ka Insaf Program.
Of the 50 victims, 42 were slain with handguns, 5 with shotguns, and 3 with rifles.
1) Making a show of support Thursday in Pomona for the widow of slain L.
15 of the slain officers were assigned to "other" duties at the time of the fatal incidents; 3 of them were alone when attacked.
It exercises the authority of beast # 1 (13:12), urges its worship (13:12, 15), and causes those who refuse to be slain (13:15).