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SLAKESalt Lake (LDS temple)
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Five cycles of the slake durability test were performed, and the changes in the fragment size distribution curves that were obtained from the material that was retained in the testing drum after each cycle were analyzed.
Determination of durability and strength in laboratory through direct tests such as Slake durability index test and Uniaxial compressive strength test is expensive and also time consuming.
In 1835, that greatest of English artists JMW Turner was rowed out into Jarrow Slake at night so he could observe the river's collier boats working in the darkness.
By the time Peter took the photographs in the 1970s the Slake had been disused for many years leaving only rotting posts and half submerged hulks of barges.
The second project, with a value of NOK39m, covers the construction of two residential blocks with a total of 24 flats in the city of Drobak for real estate company OH Slake Invest AS.
The statements of the Ministry of Interior that the van was full of weapons are untrue because if this was true, one slake of fire would be enough to cause an explosion," stressed DUA.
In their closing statements, the judges said the father "turned his children into objects to slake his perverted, dark needs, even going as far as forcing one of his sons to use his body to service his friends.
Suffice to say that in the not distant future, when Edmonton has distanced the petty rivalries of Winnipeg, Montreal or Chicago, and stands forth the champion city of the North American continent, when the history of its early days is written on scrolls of silk in letters of gold, the place of honor will be accorded to an engraving of this lamented mule painfully dragging his cart load of water up the hill in the early dawn, wherewith to slake the raging thirst of the hardy pioneers who have put in the previous night on permit whiskey.
Big Jack's logic was that instead of drinking gallons of fizzy drinks, laced with colouring and e-numbers, his players could slake their thirsts with a couple of pints of the black stuff.
A brief perusal of the only list circulated on the sly, entitled 'projects for Europe', would fail to slake even the mildest thirst, an errant lack of imagination being clear for all to see.
The cafe's homemade ginger beer and lemonade will slake throats dried by too much tale-telling.