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SLAMSimultaneous Localization and Mapping (autonomous control method)
SLAMStandoff Land-Attack Missile (US DoD)
SLAMSouth London and Maudsley (UK)
SLAMSimulation Language for Alternative Modeling
SLAMSelectable Lightweight Attack Munition
SLAMSingle Living Accommodation Modernisation (project)
SLAMSignaling Lymphocyte-Activation Molecule (molecular biology)
SLAMSupersonic Low Altitude Missile
SLAMScanning Laser Acoustic Microscope
SLAMService Level Agreement Management
SLAMShareholder Limited Authorized Margin
SLAMSan Leandro Academy for Multimedia (San Leandro, CA)
SLAMSpoken Language Access to Multimedia
SLAMSwiss Life Asset Management
SLAMScalable Location-Aware Monitoring
SLAMSound Light and Motion
SLAMStorage Lifecycle Automation Management
SLAMSatellite Link Attenuation Model (NASA)
SLAMSupport Local Art/Music (Omaha, Nebraska)
SLAMSoftware, Languages, Analysis, and Model-Checking
SLAMSHF Link Analysis Model
SLAMSchool of Letters Art and Media
SLAMStrategic Low Altitude Missile
SLAMSubmarine Launched Air Missile
SLAMSlantpath Absorption Model
SLAMSociety's League Against Molestation
SLAMSigma Love and Mine (sorority)
SLAMSpace Launched Air Missile
SLAMStatistical Linearization Adjoint Method
SLAMSimulation Language for Analogue Modelling
SLAMShort-Range Layered Atmospheric Model
SLAMStandardized Lottery grade Awarding Method (humor)
SLAMSea-Launched Air Missile
SLAMSemiactive Laser-guided Aerial Munition
SLAMSuper Large Action Madness (Nickelodeon)
SLAMSurvival Limiting Atomic Missile
SLAMSymbolic Language Adapted for Microcomputers
SLAMShort LOFAR Altering Message
SLAMsingle layer alumina metallized
SLAMSaint Louis Art Museum (Missouri)
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Grand Slam betting: 6-4 France, 7-2 England, 20-1 Wales, 25-1 Ireland, 200-1 Scotland, 1,000-1 Italy, 11-8 No Grand Slam winner.
Mechanics of a Slam Dunk," by Peter Brancazio, Popular Mechanics, November, 1991.
Sonia Whittle runs the Oakland slam every first and third Thursday at the Oakland Box Theatre at 1928 telegraph, which is near Oakland 19th Street BART station.
A third book, Burning Down the House, was co-authored by the other members of the Nuyorican Slam Team.
IT will be only the fourth time the Grand Slam has been at stake at Lansdowne Road, although the first time the Irish have played for it in Dublin.
Sutton said: "All he is doing is searching for a way for this to be considered a Grand Slam.
Chandler has commissioned studies to pin down the precise cost differences between use of soil pesticides and aerial spraying with Slam.
We're excited to bring the EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis franchise to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms where we can leverage the power of these high definition consoles and give it the level of authenticity and depth that EA SPORTS games are known for," said Dean Richards, General Manager, Team & Action Sports, EA SPORTS.
Bet365 - Murray 2016 Grand Slams won: 8-11 none, 7-4 one, 7 two, 50 three, 500 four; Evs to win a Grand Slam singles title in 2016 (8-11 not to); 4 not to win at least one more Grand Slam by end of 2020 (1-6 to do so); 11-10 to win a second US Open singles title by end of 2020 (4-6 not to).
The idea was that a variety of organizers from around the city who are running their own shows, their own readings, open mikes, slams, that sort of thing, have all gotten together and identified that slam has been missing from Worcester for about a year and, all together, wanted to see if they could make slam in the city happen again.
Federer hasn't won a Grand Slam title since the 2012 Wimbledon Open, and has been inconsistent as of late.