SLAMISSSN-LIN Automated Management & Integrating System (Army)
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As the Army converts logistics functions to GCS.S--Army, the existing SLAMIS process must also transform to accommodate the ERP environment of GCSS--Army.
To better assist the fielding of GCSS--Army, it is important for units, and especially unit supply and property book officers, to properly catalog any nonstandard items using the existing SLAMIS process now, before the EDMO and the GCS'S--Army deployment team arrive.
The Defense Acquisition University's SLAMIS logistics module (CLL 034) consists of six modules.
The HQDA Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, led the initiative to develop a SLAMIS NSLIN module to build an infrastructure for nonstandard items that would provide the same level of visibility, accountability, and management support available for standard items.
* Develop systems interface arrangements among SLAMIS, the AMC Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW), and the Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) and Defense Property Accounting System (DPAS) property reporting systems.
The SLAMIS NSLIN module implemented on 26 July 2005 includes a baseline Army NSLIN Master Catalog and gives PBOs Web access so that they can view the NSLIN records in the Master Catalog and request new NSLINs and MCNs when Master Catalog records do not meet their needs.
The SLAMIS module assists users who are requesting NSLINs and MCNs by automatically filling in data values or by providing pick lists of valid values when possible.
On 1 October 2005, PBUSE removed the capability previously available to the PBOs to assign their own NSLINs, added a hyperlink to SLAMIS for central assignment of NSLINs, and established links with LOGSA to include the NSLIN Master Catalog in the PBUSE application at the PBO level.
Features of the SLAMIS NSLIN module are continually being improved and enhanced based on user feedback and stakeholder input.
Training opportunities have been offered throughout the development of the SLAMIS NSLIN module to PBOs; personnel in the research cells, HQDA, and AMC; program managers; and general users.
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SLAMIS provides PBOs with a completely automated, Web-based system for requesting NSLINs and MCNs.