SLAMRAAMSurface Launched Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
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acquire the SLAMRAAM to help counter the PLA's expected deployment
Featuring extensive open system architecture, the SLAMRAAM IFCS will enable netted and distributed operations in support of the Army's Future Force and is postured to evolve as technology and advanced capabilities mature.
125) By April 2004, the Defense Department reportedly encouraged Taiwan to acquire the SLAMRAAM to help counter the PLA's expected deployment of land attack cruise missiles.
The SLAMRAAM system is a comparatively cost-effective defense against cruise missiles, Mullin said.
The SLAMRAAM system that is to be developed would have been extremely effective against the Iraqi cruise missile threat and would have saved countless dollars," said Jeff Stevens, deputy product manager, in a statement published in an Army web site.
The Army plans to select a contractor for SLAMRAAM next year, who will be responsible to integrate the launcher with government-supplied AMRAAM missiles.
It appears, however, that only one industry team submitted a bid for SLAMRAAM.
He noted that the SLAMRAAM requirements evolved during the past couple of years from a stand-alone platform to a more integrated system that is part of a broad air-defense network.
But the threat has evolved to cruise missiles and UAVs, which justified the need for SLAMRAAM, Ignat said.
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