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SLANSurvey of Lifestyles, Attitudes and Nutrition (annual annonymous survey in Ireland)
SLANSecure Local Area Network
SLANSine Loco, Anno, (Vel) Nomine (Without Place, Year, or Name)
SLANService-Learning Asia Network
SLANSupport Local Area Network
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The real-time PCR thermal cycler program was done using LG AdvanSure SLAN (LG Life Science, South Korea) at 90 [degrees]C for 30 s, reverse transcription at 61 [degrees]C for 20 mm, and predenaturation at 95 [degrees]C for 60 s following 45 PCR cycles of 95 [degrees]C for 15 s, 60[degrees]C for 15 s, and 74[degrees]C for 45 s followed by melting curve analysis.
This is supported by the Department of Health and Children's SLAN (1) survey which shows that, in 2002, 83% of the persons they surveyed consumed more than the recommended three servings of Level 5 foods per day.
However, even more explicitly than in the other Easter plays, she objects to Rubin's sexual intentions because she is afraid o becoming pregnant: "Si wurden mich mit dem esel slan / Daz ich muste eyn kint dragen" (575-76; they will slay me [with the jawbone of an ass (Judg.
In Slan (1940), van Vogt wrote about a supercomputer in a
stsol to/ /de yang chen chung 'dra' ba'i tshogs so/ /de slan chad ni dpal gyi yang gzungs dam pa'o/ /de'i 'og du ni rgya gar
Using Stories and Humor: Grab Your Audience by Joanna Slan (Allyn & Bacon, $12)
He became a regular contributor to the magazine, which serialized his first novel, Slan (1946), from September to December of 1940.
Since it was established in 1977 by Jon Slan, the company's chairman & CEO, Paragon Entertainment has produced seven feature length films, including the Emmy Award winning TV movie Day One, plus several series: Alfred Hitchcock Presents; Philip Marlow: Private Eye; and Dog House.
Slan (1946) concerns mutant humans who can read minds, and The World of A (1948, later The World of Null-A, 1953), deals with inhabitants of Venus who are conditioned semantically by the "null-A," or non-Aristotelian, doctrines of Alfred Korzybski.
Los Angeles architect Stephen Slan, of VIA, became involved even before photographer Karen Filter made her down payment.
It got to the point where performance became an issue; we were out of disk space and could not add more disk array enclosures, unless we bought a new SAN," notes Todd Slan, director of technology, Total Wine.
Contract notice: The flood control plan for the slan orp and the warning and information system for the town of slan