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SLANASri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association
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marinum (Franco et al., 2013; Fujimura Leite et al., 2003; Jordao Junior, Lopes, David, Farache Filho, & Leite, 2009; Kazwala et al., 1998; Konuk, Korcan, Dulgerbaki, & Altindis], 2007; Mdegela et al., 2005; Sgarioni et al., 2014; Slana et al., 2009; Taddei et al., 2008).
It is the joint result of the cooperation between the administration of the National Park and the Biosphere Reserve Slovensky Kras (Slovak Karts) with the Club of Slovak Hikers (KST) in Rozava in the past year.From there, visitors can see the panorama of the Slana River's canyon with a view of the surrounding villages, said head of the national park's administration, Jan Kilik.
After 2 months, the 97th completed work on the 78-mile (126-kilometer) road north from Slana. When they finally reached Tok, the 97th was still "one hundred wooded and swampy miles [161 kilometers] from the Canadian border." With winter not far off, the Corps decided that the 97th in Alaska and the white 18th regiment in Canada would work from opposite directions toward the border to close the gap with a one-lane trail that trucks could use until PRA upgraded it in 1943.
Glider pilot Jean-Marc Slana had been in the air for about an hour after starting his flight in Luxembourg.
In 1990 1.8 Mt of Fe ore (of which 1.7 Mt came from Rudnany and Nizna Slana), 1.22 Mt of Pb-Zn-Cu, Pb-Zn and Cu ores, 250,000 t of Sn-W ores, 78,000 t of Sb ore and 13,000 t of Au-Ag ores were mined and processed.
We created snowmen with colleague to welcome the Christmas season, and visitors as well," said Jana Slana from the museum, as quoted by My Ziar.
teaming with T3 Alaska LLC, BCX Excavating, Slana Surveying, Alaska Steel Company, AGGPRO, Inline Steel Fabricators, Core Brace, Andy Milner Company, Rainproof Roofing, Chinook Fire Protection, Commercial Contractors, Northwest Landscape, Rep Tile, Ron Webb Paving, Straightline, Statewide Door, and Glass and Otis Elevator.
An upper river subsistence fishery operates along the main stem between the communities of Chitina and Slana. Smaller subsistence fisheries operate at the traditional site of Batzulnetas (in the headwaters) and also in estuarine and marine waters at the river mouth (Botz and Somerville, 2011; Botz et al., 2012).
(8.) Slana I, Kaevska M, Kralik P, Horvathova A, Pavlik I.
Several bridge projects are also on the schedule, including the Slana River and Tulsona Creek replacements.
"Tetlin, Tanacross, and Dot Lake are connected by power line; then on south toward Glennallen, Slana, Chistochina, and Mentasta communities are connected from a central generation point in Slana.