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SLanTSign Language Teacher
SLANTState Line Area Narcotics Team (Wisconsin/Illinois)
SLANTSchool Library Association of the Northern Territory
SLANTSit up, Lean forward, Activate your thinking, Name key information, and Track the talker
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There is the faint "szgee" of the rudder, and back slides the arrow to 6000 on a falling slant of ten or fifteen knots.
Then he chuckled gleefully as they followed him silently down the steep slant.
An odd look came into his slant eyes as he heard von Horn exact a confirmation from the professor, but what passed in his shrewd mind only he could say.
They did not have large heads, and between them and the Folk there was very little difference in the degree of the slant of the head back from the eyes.
No sooner had it reached meridian than it began its slant back beneath the horizon, and at quarter past twelve the earth threw its shadow again over the land.
Captain Van Horn, standing aft on the port quarter, gauging the slant of the wind on the sails and the inadequate steering of the black at the wheel, had not seen Jerry because of the intervening skylight.
But Jerry, at that moment, lay cuddled beside Villa Kennan's sleeping-cot on the slant deck of the Ariel, as that trim craft, the Shortlands astern and New Guinea dead ahead, heeled her scuppers a-whisper and garrulous to the sea-welter alongside as she logged her eleven knots under the press of the freshening trades.
He would have seen the streets filled with the chattering yellow populace, every queued head tilted back, every slant eye turned skyward.
From the centre of this branch there hung a man, with his head at a horrid slant to his body and his toes just touching the ground.
Pale shafts of light slant from above into the gloom of its chilly passages.
A few rapid strides, and a little active clambering, soon brought me to the place where she was seated - a narrow ledge of rock at the very verge of the cliff, which descended with a steep, precipitous slant, quite down to the rocky shore.
Most of the graves were on a slant, and the path leading up to the church was as steep as a staircase.