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SLAPSounds Like A Plan
SLAPSuperior Labral Anterior-Posterior
SLAPService Life Assessment Program
SLAPStandard Light Antarctic Precipitation
SLAPSolar Lunar Almanac Program
SLAPSparse Linear Algebra Package
SLAPShaun Lockhart Apparel & Promotions, Inc.
SLAPService Life Assessment Plan
SLAPSound Looks and Performance Association (USA)
SLAPSaboted Light Armor Penetrating (.50 caliber M903 cartridge)
SLAPSki Like A Pro (Ski training in Australia)
SLAPSheriffs Labor Assistance Program
SLAPStay Long and Prosper
SLAPSonar/Lunar Almanac Program
SLAPSupplies Labels, Applies Promptly
SLAPSupply Logistics Analysis Program
SLAPSmith Lake Action Patrol (Marion County, Florida)
SLAPStation Level Alarm Protocol (Rockwell)
SLAPSenior Leader Approval Process (US DoD)
SLAPSystem Level A Performance (specification)
SLAPState and Local Aviation Planning (various locations)
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When you sustain a SLAP lesion, your superior labrum detaches from the biceps tendon.
On announcing his withdrawal from the Kamotskiy contest, he realised a statement which said: "Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate event that took place during practice today, I have decided not to participate in the upcoming slap competition.
"I did not say that I will slap you (Modi) literally.
Cdr Heap was said to have given the woman two "firm slaps" during a Christmas party - but he said it was an"amusing not sexual" act of "drunken buffoonery".
"The suspect used to joke with another colleague and slap her backside.
Are you sick?" She then slaps him on the forehead and says "Why did you hit him?" After not receiving a response or reaction from the man, She slaps him in the forehead a second time and again questions why he hit her son.
According to him when the female manager asked the agents to decide on a punishment to improve their performance, they came up with the slap solution.
The district court granted summary judgment for the defendants, finding that a corrections officers alleged open-handed slap of the detainee after an altercation was de minimis where the detainee suffered no physical injury.
Now my right foot has a "slap" to it when I try to run, as if I were running flat-footed.
The slap was not life-threatening or physically damaging.
The CM had stepped on to an open jeep and was shaking hands with supporters and waving at the gathering when Suresh wearing a reddish maroon shirt climbed on to the vehicle and landed a slap on his face.
The lawyer contended in court: "My client did not slap the Filipina on her backside.