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SLAPSounds Like A Plan
SLAPSuperior Labral Anterior-Posterior
SLAPService Life Assessment Program
SLAPStandard Light Antarctic Precipitation
SLAPSparse Linear Algebra Package
SLAPSound Looks and Performance Association (USA)
SLAPSaboted Light Armor Penetrating (.50 caliber M903 cartridge)
SLAPSki Like A Pro (Ski training in Australia)
SLAPSheriffs Labor Assistance Program
SLAPStay Long and Prosper
SLAPSonar/Lunar Almanac Program
SLAPSupplies Labels, Applies Promptly
SLAPSmith Lake Action Patrol (Marion County, Florida)
SLAPSupply Logistics Analysis Program
SLAPStation Level Alarm Protocol (Rockwell)
SLAPSystem Level A Performance (specification)
SLAPState and Local Aviation Planning (various locations)
SLAPShaun Lockhart Apparel & Promotions, Inc.
References in classic literature ?
I stopped the preliminary slap, but before I could hit him, his terrible left fist reached my head again; and down I fell once more--upon the hearth-rug this time--not over-heavily.
Then Tom could not restrain himself, and gave Maggie two smart slaps on the arm as he ran to pick up Lucy, who lay crying helplessly.
Then, reading from his account-book as if he were repeating some devout prayer, in the middle of his delivery he raised his hand and gave him a sturdy blow on the neck, and then, with his own sword, a smart slap on the shoulder, all the while muttering between his teeth as if he was saying his prayers.
Still I pulled, holding what I gained each time with a double turn until the next slap gave me more.
Time counts for nothing, even in physical chastisement; but my slap in the face was not physical, it was moral.
Yes, I saw her, and got the said slap in the face as mentioned.
Then try the Three Cranky Women's new Slap Board Silly: Outrageous fun with music concepts
1 million to anyone who slaps Bollywood actor Aamir Khan for his remarks on the growing intolerance in the country, Indian media reported on Thursday.
This case report is a good example of positive outcomes following the conservative treatment of a SLAP lesion.
8) A repair of a SLAP lesion only partially restores this instability.
They also claimed Ms Borthwick said she did not remember slapping the patient and then asked: "Did I slap him?
My intention was to slap David to get his attention to leave the house with Donna.