SLAQSchool Library Association of Queensland
SLAQSri Lanka Association for Quality (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
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To ensure the appropriateness of collapsing the data into a single combined-gender data set, three separate MANOVAs were conducted for the Sport-MPS-2, PSLQ, and SLAQ responses.
All three Box's M tests were non-significant, indicating that the covariance matrices for each instrument (at the item level) across gender were homogeneous: Sport-MPS-2, Box's M = 1375.241, F (903, 31653.868) = 1.039, p = .20; PSLQ, Box's M = 12.145, F (15, 40152.292) = .780, p = .70; SLAQ, Box's M = 88.587, F(55, 33603.945) = 1.494, p < .05.
Psychometric evaluation of the SLAQ. Given that the SLAQ is a newly constructed instrument, it was necessary to examine the instrument's latent structure prior to creating composite subscale scores.
To this end, bivariate correlations (r) were calculated between the six Sport-MPS-2 subscales and the two social-loafing measures (i.e., PSLQ and SLAQ; see Table 2).
Agreement was also assessed between the SLAQ flare rating (i.e, the single question assessing the presence and severity of lupus activity) and the PGA.
Fifty-nine percent of the 32 participants reported disease activity using the original SLAQ, compared to 78% identified by the SLEDAI.
Two participants experienced disease flares within the SLAQ but not the SLEDAI timeline.
Agreement between the SLAQ flare rating and the physician global assessment was 0.56 (0.32 to 0.80).
The correlation coefficient among the subscales of the SLAQ was computed to evaluate the structural validity of the SLAQ, and the result is shown in Table 3.
In this study we found that the correlation coefficients were between 0.225 and 0.658, showing that the SLAQ has good item discrimination.
The results for the internal consistencies of each item indicate that the SLAQ has high reliability, and the indexes coincided with that of similar scales used in other countries.
In Table 3, results demonstrate that the correlation coefficients of subdimensions of the SLAQ are indicative of good construct validity for the SLAQ.