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SLASHSt Louis Area Sighthounds (Missouri)
SLASHStoked Librarians Are Surfing Hawaii
SLASHSelf Limiting Activated Solution of Hypochlorite
SLASHSynthetic Aperture Land & Sea Homing
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Jerry's outcry, as he sprawled, whirled, sprang, and slashed, was a veritable puppy-scream of indignation.
Who would have said that, after such mighty slashes as your worship gave that unlucky knight-errant, there was coming, travelling post and at the very heels of them, such a great storm of sticks as has fallen upon our shoulders?"
"Oo-oo!" groaned Bert at every slash, and shrank closer into the bushes and became very still.
A dozen yards they ran, and then the swordsman slashed again, and Bert could hear across the waters a little sound like the moo of an elfin cow as the fat little man fell forward.
The swordsman slashed a fourth time and went on as his fellows came up after the better runner.
They turned their shoulders to her most savage slashes, and with wagging tails and mincing steps strove to placate her wrath.
Twice Michael slashed the other four-footed foe and then pursued him in a circle with Captain Duncan pursuing him in turn.
Time and time again he tried for the snow-white throat, where life bubbled near to the surface, and each time and every time Spitz slashed him and got away.
He told her briefly who and what he was, though he doubted if she understood, and from her he learned that she had been a prisoner there for many months; but for what purpose he did not then learn, as in the midst of their conversation the yellow door swung open and a Wieroo with a robe slashed with yellow entered.
They tore at each others' eyes and ears with their hands and with their gleaming tusks repeatedly slashed and gored until both were cut fairly to ribbons from head to foot.
Several members of the rock band including Slash, previously hinted that they had discussed the idea of working on a new album, with recording taking place after they completed their touring duties in the fall, reported Ultimate Classic Rock.