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SLATSecond Level Address Translation (computing)
SLATSecond Level Address Translation
SLATSpousal Lifetime Access Trust (estate planning)
SLATSupersonic Low-Altitude Target
SLATSlow, Low, Aerial Target
SLATSystem Lineup and Test (Nortel)
SLATSport, Leisure and Travel (Bucks New University; UK)
SLATSurface-Launched Air-Targeted
SLATSimultaneous Laryngoscopy and Abdominal Thrusts
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The coop did not toss around any more, but rode the waves more gently--almost like a cradle rocking--so that the floor upon which Dorothy stood was no longer swept by water coming through the slats. Seeing this, and being quite exhausted by the excitement of the past few hours, the little girl decided that sleep would be the best thing to restore her strength and the easiest way in which she could pass the time.
So she sat down in a corner of the coop, leaned her back against the slats, nodded at the friendly stars before she closed her eyes, and was asleep in half a minute.
The objective of the study was to compare growth performance, feed efficiency ratio and some behavioural characteristics of Holstein Friesian calves kept on wooden slat, rubber mats or concrete pens.
Correlations for the average Nusselt number of the window-blind cavity were also developed for various slat angles, and used in thermal-resistance models to compute the U-factor of window and shading systems.
* The structure and design of the slat profiles guarantee the stiffness of the slats and the ability to run around negative curves.
With the new TSC 2, Trumpf has developed a power tool that removes slag from the slats in laser cutting machines.
When used in conjunction with appropriate machinery, these saw blades allow you to maximize yield without sacrificing productivity while producing top-quality glueable slats at feed rates up to 30m/min (100 fpm) with [+ or -] 0.03mm size variation.
Just to clarify who "they" really were, I should point out that no major is old enough to know the origin of the slat armor.
Another example would be the slat armor designed to protect the tank's rear from RPG attack.
"It was the second attack against a Stryker, but the first to strike the slat armor.
'News Media: The Weak Slat Under The Bed of Democracy' by John Randolph Parker discusses the fall of the media industry and claims that journalism no longer enjoys the credibility it once did.
The system was created by The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by Boyan Slat, a 24-year-old innovator from the Netherlands who first became passionate about cleaning the oceans when he went scuba diving at age 16 in the Mediterranean Sea and saw more plastic bags than fish.