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"I'm optimistic and I have faith in the players and Slav to keep us up.
On the occasion of the Day of the Macedonian and Slav missionaries, 24 May, which is a national holiday in the Republic of Macedonia, President Gjorge Ivanov sent greetings to Macedonian citizens saying, "today is the day when we honor the achievements of the Macedonian and Slav missionaries and teachers, the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, when once again with immense gratitude we remember the priceless legacy they left not just us but all Slav peoples."
the famous Slav balls around 1848), (3) profiles of distinguished figures, and some valuable information contained in chapters on musicians in the literature about Czech Vienna.
Thus, Kukushkin's assertion that the stream of non-conforming Slavs fleeing the Tsarist Empire were replaced by an increasing flow of ordinary peasant migrants is well taken and does much to undermine the notion that only religious dissenters and political activists were Canada bound.
The young man who would become the first Slav pope came of age in Nazi-occupied Poland, answered the call to the priesthood in 1942, and pursued his work under the close scrutiny of Poland's communist regime.
Folklore was plentiful in Ivancice, Mucha's hometown near Brno, as were Eastern religious traditions and Slav nationalism, all of which colored his work.
For some writers, like the Istrian Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini, the contested border regions are unquestionably Italian and can reject any Slav presence in their midst as extraneous and destructive.
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This year, Habitat designers have drawn on the Slav tradition to bring some of the mystery of Eastern Europe to the festive scene, "People are looking for something special and a little bit different, " said Louise Mills, manager of Habitat, The Hayes.
Second, Western officials discounted predictions of an Albanian insurgency because, aside from Schindler, those making the predictions were the "bad guys": Macedonian Slav nationalists who were openly hateful towards Albanians and, in some cases, linked to Milosevic's regime in Belgrade.
A similar attempt by the Albanians in western Macedonia was crushed by the Slav Macedonian majority.
Accompanying the "1812" are the usual suspects: The March Slav, the Romeo and Juliet Overture, and for good measure the symphonic fantasy after Shakespeare, The Tempest.