SLBAStudent Loan Borrower Assistance
SLBASara Lee Branded Apparel
SLBASri Lanka Banks Association (Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka)
SLBAStrathclyde League Basketball Association (Scotland, UK)
SLBASouth Louisiana Bluegrass Association (Lafayette, LA)
SLBASpecific Leptin Binding Activity (endocrinology)
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SLBA's (3) mission is to collect, preserve and make the entire Swedish production of recorded sound and moving images (4) accessible.
Before SLBA receives the Budget Document the authority is able to influence its content in dialogue with the Ministry of Education.
In November 2007 1 spent one week at SLBA, for to see and understand how the work at the authority was conducted.
The VSM model is used for an analysis of SLBA, following Diagnosing the system for organizations (Beer, 1985) in order to reach an understanding of SLBA's situation.
From the viewpoint of the users, MRA and SLBA are surely unfair in that channel states discriminate the PSNR of the users even though the states cannot be decided by users themselves.
On the contrary, SLBA and CLBA allocate different amount of resources to the three users by considering R-D curves.
In the comparison of SLBA and CLBA, the user "soccer" was compensated when the channel state gets bad, by decreasing the allocation to the user "football".
MRA and SLBA look unfair because the ratio varies according to the channel states of the user "soccer".
SLBA Secretary General Upali de Silva told the Money Laundering Bulletin that a formal 'request for proposals' has been issued asking companies to offer anti-money laundering software.
It is interesting to note that although the SLBA bowl texts tend to have assimilated forms like [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] for the independent pronoun of the second person, one finds [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as in the later Geonic texts.
state also found its way into the dialect of Targum Onqelos and Jonathan and is, therefore, quite common in the SLBA bowl texts.
However, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]- may be used with all stems of the verbs IIIy; see Dalman 1905: 338, and therefore features in the SLBA magic texts as well; see Muller-Kessler 2001b: 189.