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SLBMSubmarine/Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile (US DoD)
SLBMSpace-Launched Ballistic Missile (less common)
SLBMSingle-Level Block Matching
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strategic posture by providing a conventional weapon that possesses the same speed, range, and ability to penetrate air defenses as a nuclear-armed ICBM or SLBM. CPGS would "provide the United States with a capability that we currently lack: the ability to hit a target anywhere on the earth in less than one hour using a non-nuclear warhead," explained James Miller, the Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.
Finally, if all else fails and India continues with its SLBM project eventually followed by Pakistan, there has to be demonstration to both countries that their acquisition of conventional weapons could be in jeopardy.
in using the term "operationally deployed strategic nuclear warheads" the United States means reentry vehicles on ICBMs in their launchers, reentry vehicles on SLBMs in their launchers aboard submarines, and nuclear armaments loaded on heavy bombers or stored in weapons storage areas of heavy bomber bases.
The mix was called the TRIAD; each country developed and deployed three separate strategic nuclear delivery systems: (1) long-range bombers; (2) land-based Intercontinental Range Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs); and (3) nuclear powered submarines carrying Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs).
The first Trident submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) are introduced into service.
Both sides consented to do the following: set warhead ceilings of 3,500 apiece; eliminate all MIRVed ICBMs (including Russian SS-18 heavy ICBMs);(24) and reduce SLBM warhead ceilings to 1,750.(25)
For example, the Navy developed and constrained the accuracy of the Polaris SLBM well before McNamara expressed his views on Assured Destruction.
Meanwhile, the United States will continue production of the 20 authorized B-2 stealth bombers and Ohio-class Trident submarines to reach its quotas for SLBM and bomber warheads while retiring some older B-52 bombers and Poseiden submarines.
The picture is somewhat more complex on three other measures being discussed this election year: the development of the "Midgetman" ICBM, a moratorium on flight testing of ballistic missiles, and deployment of the Trident D-5 sea-launched ballistic missile (SLBM).
He said, "The current North Korean [ballistic missile submarine] is a test platform that can only launch one SLBM which would make it a horribly inefficient weapon system.
Beijing also now possesses four advanced Jin-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), each capable of carrying 12 new submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM), the CSS-N-14.aACA[yen]