SLCGSecurities Litigation and Consulting Group (Virginia)
SLCGSenior Leadership Compensation Group (California)
SLCGSt. Louis Costumers Guild (St. Louis, MO)
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SLCG Working paper (2010), available at http://www.
SLCG working paper (2013), Available at http://www.
Beginning of 2017, the SLCG also placed an order for construction of two 85-meter Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) with the Colombo Dockyard (Pvt.
There had been many high-level visits by Japanese maritime delegations to Sri Lanka and SLCG has benefitted immensely from these visits and is receiving higher level of training and skills development on maritime disaster measures, particularly on oil spill combat skills, from the Japanese Coast Guard.
The Japanese Training Squadron has been visiting the Port of Colombo at regular intervals and engage in bilateral passage exercises with the SLN and SLCG.
The establishment of SLCG on 04 Mar 2010 has been a way forward in meeting the challenges in the new global safety and security regime in this region.
The cases centered on claims by local residents, primarily in the Terraces neighborhood, about alleged nuisances of the SLCG facility and other local industrial operations.