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SLCMSea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMSubmarine-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMSoftware Life Cycle Management
SLCMService Lifecycle Management
SLCMStudent Life Cycle Management
SLCMShip-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMSurface Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMstreet light city movement (UK band)
SLCMShip Life Cycle Management
SLCMSubcontinental Lithospheric Mantle (earth's crust type)
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The large inventory of long range anti-ship missiles presumably makes a SLCM equivalent less important.
Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO, SLCM informed that SLCM is investing INR 50 crore capital into B.
Recently, Several high profile equity funds such as Nexus Venture Partners, Everstone Capital Venture, Mayfield Venture Partners and ICICI Bank's EIF Fund are invested in SLCM.
The United States insisted during the START I talks that long-range nuclear SLCMs should be subject only to rudimentary unverifiable confidence building measures and that conventional long-range SLCMs should be completely exempted from it.
As an example, a nation under attack by SLCMs might, for a variety of reasons, be able to attack the adversary's naval assets more quickly with aircraft than with submarines and surface ships.