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SLCMSea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMSubmarine-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMSoftware Life Cycle Management
SLCMService Lifecycle Management
SLCMStudent Life Cycle Management
SLCMShip-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMSurface Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMstreet light city movement (UK band)
SLCMShandog Lingong Construction Machinery (China)
SLCMShip Life Cycle Management
SLCMSubcontinental Lithospheric Mantle (earth's crust type)
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The large inventory of long range anti-ship missiles presumably makes a SLCM equivalent less important.
Babur-3 SLCM in-land attack mode, is capable of delivering various types of payloads and will provide Pakistan with a credible second strike capability, augmenting deterrence.
He also highlighted that the successful test fire of SLCM demonstrates confidence on our scientists and engineers in fostering the technological prowess through indigenization and self-reliance.
Sandeep Sabharwal, group CEO of SLCM said, The collaboration intends to offer better lending opportunities to agri and commodity sector as we continue to pioneer the collateral financing & professional warehousing services in the developing economy of Myanmar.
SLCM up to date has given out loans of approximately $6.
Recently, Several high profile equity funds such as Nexus Venture Partners, Everstone Capital Venture, Mayfield Venture Partners and ICICI Bank's EIF Fund are invested in SLCM.
He added that SLCM is also planning to expand into overseas markets by setting up presence in Myanmar and Malawi in the coming months.
The United States insisted during the START I talks that long-range nuclear SLCMs should be subject only to rudimentary unverifiable confidence building measures and that conventional long-range SLCMs should be completely exempted from it.
As an example, a nation under attack by SLCMs might, for a variety of reasons, be able to attack the adversary's naval assets more quickly with aircraft than with submarines and surface ships.
He filled the blackboard with such military abbreviations as SLCMs, GLCMs, SLBMs and SLOBs (this last for "silver-lipped operators of bullshit"); added arrows to illustrate the likelihood of mutual attempts at "escalation dominance" or some other strategic game plan that looked bleakly likely in those years; praised the aroused European peace movement; pleaded for American support and poured eloquent scorn on Reagan, Thatcher and the Soviets for their policies of "exterminism.
As a result, SLCMs did not count under the Treaty limits, but the United States and Soviet Union issued unilateral, but identical, statements about them.
conventionally-armed SLCMs, as it was extremely difficult to verify the