SLCNSpeech, Language and Communication Needs
SLCNSecond Life Cable Network
SLCNSt. Luke's College Of Nursing (Trinity University of Asia)
SLCNStichting Lymfologie Centrum Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Foundation Center Lymphology; est. 2002)
SLCNSouth Lanarkshire Carers Network (UK)
SLCNStandards Laboratory Code Number
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Healthcare professionals working with children and young people have a very important role in understanding what SLCN is and the potential impact of SLCN.
However, there continue to be challenges in ensuring that SLCN are adequately identified and supported.
To begin to understand SLCN it is important to make a distinction between the terms 'speech', 'language' and 'communication'.
SLCN can include the following difficulties with language:
But the most sobering statistic of all is that more than half of children in disadvantaged areas have SLCN that needs specialist therapy and without early intervention, this will hold them back throughout their lives.
SLCN can have a major impact on a young person's life chances.
This would include targeted intervention and therapy for children with Speech, Language and Communications Needs (SLCN) in Flying Start areas, training staff in Flying Start projects so they have an understanding of speech, language and communication development, and providing support to parents, grandparents and carers so that children with delayed language or at risk of SLCN are supported through appropriate programmes.
The event will host a free exhibition and workshops for parents, professionals and children and young people with SLCN.
RCSLT would wish Government to recognise the harms SLCN cause and the unique contribution the speech and language profession have in public health service delivery.
Whatever phase you teach, these statistics make pretty stark reading and illustrate that literacy teachers have a crucial role to play as part of a nationwide drive to tackle SLCN.
If the National Year of Speech, Language and Communication has struck a chord with you, as a literacy teacher you have a wealth of a wealth of technology that is at your disposal to assist in improving SLCN.
Due to the changing roles of health visitors and school health advisors, children with significant SLCNs were not being identified sooner, the review noted.