SLCPShort-Lived Climate Pollutant (emissions)
SLCPShip’s Loading Characteristics Pamphlet (US DoD)
SLCPSoftware Life Cycle Process
SLCPShip Lighterage Control Point (US DoD)
SLCPSupervisor Line-Card Processor
SLCPScheduled Listed Chemical Product (drugs)
SLCPStudent Loan Consolidation Program
SLCPSelf Leadership Change Project
SLCPSchool Library Certification Program (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
SLCPStreetlight Control Point (Australia)
SLCPSalt Lake City Punk (Salt Lake City, UT)
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The mission of the SLCP is to improve working conditions by allowing resources that were previously designated for compliance audits to be redirected towards the improvement of social and labour conditions.
Given this, the present study was designed to compare the neuroprotective effects of dietary Cur and/or SLCP, in vitro, after exposure to A[beta]42.
For Cur and/or SLCP permeability study, the N2a cells and mouse primary hippocampal neurons were used.
Short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) are agents that reside in the atmosphere for a relatively short period and have a warming influence on climate.
In the case of the SLCP, the substitution of crops, the abandonment of agricultural lands on hilly slopes and the increase in productivity of Chinese agriculture have created an increasing food demand (both quantitative and qualitative).
Therefore, to present an appropriate deterministic formulation of SLCP is an important issue.
The Crushing Plant or SLCP which started operations a month ago, is capable of processing 2,000 tonnes of construction debris per day, turning it into usable materials such as base used for constructing roads.
Aren was a part of SLCP while at Cal Poly, is actively involved in the Anaheim Area Chapter, and has served for the past year as the SWR Webmaster.
Luke's Community Preschool (SLCP) has been providing services for children with special needs since 1977.
The model is solved using an iterative computer program based on the Sequence of Linear Complementary Problems (SLCP) algorithm developed by Mathieson (1985) and Rutherford (1987).