SLCPShort-Lived Climate Pollutant (emissions)
SLCPShip’s Loading Characteristics Pamphlet (US DoD)
SLCPSoftware Life Cycle Process
SLCPShip Lighterage Control Point (US DoD)
SLCPSupervisor Line-Card Processor
SLCPScheduled Listed Chemical Product (drugs)
SLCPStudent Loan Consolidation Program
SLCPSelf Leadership Change Project
SLCPSchool Library Certification Program (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
SLCPStreetlight Control Point (Australia)
SLCPSalt Lake City Punk (Salt Lake City, UT)
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What is really new about SLCPs is not the identification but rather grouping them together.
By using the smoothing symmetric perturbed Fischer function (for short, denoted as the SSPF-function) [9], we propose a new formulation for SLCP (2) with smoothing parameter, which reformulates (3)-(4) as a system of smoothing equations without any constraints.
A[cedilla] 2,000 tonnes of construction waste is recycled everyday at the SLCP in Al Ain
The importance of the work was matched financially with countries committing a total of $12 million to the Coalition's trust fund and 100's of millions of dollars to reduce SLCPs worldwide.
Expression of interest of Mainstreaming Slcp-Emissions Reduction In The World Bank Solid Waste Portfolio Objectives: The output of this activity is to create a guidance note on the SLCP implications of the most common solid waste
In its first two years, CCAC has launched 10 initiatives to tackle SLCP emissions from a wide range of sources, raise awareness of SLCPs, and help countries develop their own plans and actions to tackle these pollutants.