SLCPPSmooth Lined Corrugated Plastic Pipe
SLCPPSenior Leadership Communications Protection Program
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Tenders are invited for Construction of 9 concrete curb ramps & sidewalk with detectable warning surfaces, 4,100 SY of 1 1/2" Bituminous Milling, 50 ton of Leveling Course, 4,100 SY of 1" of Superpave HMA wearing course, 725 SY of 1" of Superpave HMA Base course, 2,100 LF of pavement underdrain, 1 new M-Type inlet, 24 LF of 15" SLCPP stormwater pipe, estimated 160 SY of full depth 12" concrete base patch and 300 LF of concrete pavement joint.
Replacing/installing approx 180 LF of 48" SLCPP and 41" x 53" ASRP in conjunction with constructing a 1,260 CY open channel incorporating geomorphic design features and floodplain plantings at a site.
Work includes approx 1 LS bypass pumping; 1,368 LF of 8" PVC sanitary sewer pipe; 507 LF of 6" PVC lateral pipe; 23 EA sanitary lateral reconnection; 808 LF of 18" SLCPP storm drainage improvements; 2,000 LF temporary paving surface restoration; 546 SY milling; 200 SF concrete sidewalk restoration; 2 EA ADA ramp; 5 EA private walkway restoration; 1 LF fence restoration.