SLCRSenior Leader of Corporate Real Estate
SLCRSingle Line Card Reload (Cisco)
SLCRSouth Leeds Community Radio (UK)
SLCRShower, Laundry, and Clothing Renovation (team)
SLCRSelective Laser Coating Removal (Germany)
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Shower and laundry services were once again in high demand to support these remote PBs and combat outposts, and SLCR Soldiers began using their military occupational specialty again.
When outposts are fortunate enough to have a SLCR team, the units enjoy a significant combat multiplier.
The platoon's SLCR teams met the laundry needs of one FOB, one PB, and one combat outpost with over 1,900 Soldiers.
When the 1st Platoon arrived in Iraq, it immediately sent a SLCR team to FOB Iskandariyah to support the 3d Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment.
To the Soldiers' delight, the water in the field showers was heated to the perfect temperature, and the SLCR team established operating hours to coincide with returning patrols so troops could clean off the sweat and dirt of the mission immediately.
The 1st Platoon maintained a command and control element at VBC, but the platoon leader and platoon sergeant spent much of their time traveling to each SLCR site to check on their troops and ensure their equipment readiness remained at the highest level possible.
Team 3" established the third SLCR site of their tour at Combat Outpost War Eagle.
Many SLCR customers wanted to know what a LADS is and how it works.
By using these non-hazardous chemicals, LADS can be set up anywhere clean (not necessarily potable) water is readily available, allowing SLCR teams to deploy with any unit.
Shower equipment in a SLCR operation normally includes one tent with a 12-head private shower stall setup.
Both the SLCR and MCR are designed to broaden business perspective, achieve a higher level of industry knowledge and expand leadership abilities, making CBRE management some of the best within the industry.
The SLCR program was established in 2002 by CoreNet Global, which is the largest worldwide organization devoted to the professional education of corporate real estate professionals.