SLCTSelect (RS-232C pin 13)
SLCTSertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor (ovarian cancer)
SLCTScarborough Land Conservation Trust (Scarborough, ME)
SLCTSmall Letter Contrast Test (vision test)
SLCTStage Left Children's Theater (Tappan, NY)
SLCTSaturated Long Chain Triglyceride
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SLCT, pronounced "select," stands for Scribing (writing down what a client said is at the top of their mind); Laddering (asking clients to elaborate on their top-of-mind concerns); Checking (administering a prompt sheet to stimulate additional client disclosure of goals, concerns, interests, priorities and questions); and Triaging (creating a succinct document, edited for clarity and brevity, that summarizes the client agenda).
He came up with the SLCT method after realizing that doctors needed a new model for patient engagement -- one that enabled people to critically reflect on their condition before meeting with their medical providers.
The tumours with heterologous elements contribute to 20 % of SLCT and have the most malignant potential (4).
Our patient had a well differentiated SLCT which is reported in30 % patients.
The histomorphology was thus consistent with a Mayer's grade 2 SLCT (Figure 2 & 3).
DISCUSSION: The present case describes, possibly for the first time, a hormonally active, ovarian SLCT in the absence of clinical signs of virilization, and presenting with torsion.
SLCT has joined a web-based service provided to access stations in New England and through which customers can view streaming video from numerous regional cable access stations.
The SLCT Board has given me their ambitious goals for the coming year and I am anxious to achieve them and provide improved community service to cable viewers in Lancaster and Sterling," Detsikas said.
SLCT is also planning to televise the Annual Town Meeting next month.
The board advanced plans to begin recording and playing meetings of the Lancaster Board of Selectmen," said SLCT Vice President Chris Detsikas, of Lancaster.
SLCT vice-president Chris Detsikas, of Lancaster, said three directors are "already learning how to operate the main cablecasting facility," currently located in the Butterick Municipal Building in Sterling.
Volunteers are still needed to operate cameras and cablecasting equipment in Sterling and interested residents can contact the SLCT at rmaki@comcast.