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Morphologca1 measurements taken from each captured terrapin Straight-line carapace length Straight-line carapace width (SLCL) (SLCW) Plastron length (PL) Shell depth (SD) Weight We ran two sample paired t-tests at an [alpha] level of 0.05 to observe any significant differences in catch per unit effort (C.P.U.E.) (capture [por.sup.-l] [day.sup.-1]) for terrapin capture, marketable-sized crab (> 5" or 127mm) capture, and total crab capture between the two pot types.
Only SLCW was significantly different between terrapins captured in BRD pots and those captured in non-BRD pots (Table 2).
Only straight line carapace width was significantly different between the two groups (t=-3.290, p=0.0167) w/BRDs (n2) SLCL (cm) SLCW (cm) PL (cm) SD (cm) Weight (g) Mean 13.36 9.65 * 12.19 5.6 412.25 St.