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SLDSpecial Low Dispersion (glass)
SLDStatute Law Database (UK)
SLDSpecific Learning Disabilities
SLDSojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (Democratic Left Alliance, Poland)
SLDStags Leap District (California)
SLDSecond Level Domain
SLDStiff Legged Deadlift
SLDSystem Landscape Directory (SAP)
SLDSliding Door
SLDSchools and Libraries Division (USAC)
SLDSuper Luminescent Diode
SLDSlide File
SLDSystem Landscape Directory
SLDSymmetrix Logical Device
SLDSupplemental Listing Document
SLDStyled Layer Descriptor
SLDState Lands Division (Alabama)
SLDSide Loading Door
SLDService Life Design
SLDSecond Line of Defense
SLDSingle Line Diagram (power system schematic)
SLDState Laboratories Division (Department of Health; Hawaii)
SLDSevere Learning Disability
SLDSuper-Luminescent Diode
SLDStraight Line Diagram (roadway)
SLDSpecific Learning Disorder
SLDSystem Link Designator (US DoD)
SLDSocial and Liberal Democrats (UK political party)
SLDSpecific Language Disability (Dyslexia)
SLDScattering Length Density
SLDSenior Leader Development (US Army)
SLDSource-Level Debugger
SLDSauver le Darfour (French: Save Darfur)
SLDSevere Laziness Disease
SLDService Level Description (Service Level Agreements)
SLDSupercooled Large Drops
SLDSpecial Learning Disability
SLDSingle Lens Digital (cameras)
SLDSonic Layer Depth
SLDSingle Line Drawing
SLDSpiritual Life Director
SLDScheduled Lightpath Demand
SLDSlow Long Distance (training method)
SLDSpeed Limiting Device (automotive; India)
SLDSlow Learning Disability
SLDSuper-Cooled Liquid Droplets
SLDSlavic Language Division (ATA)
SLDStart of Layer Data
SLDSimulated Launch Demonstration
SLDSum of Longest Diameters
SLDSherman L Dantzler (Grand Blanc, MI business consulting)
SLDSafety Level Days
SLDSquare Law Distortion
SLDSquad Leader Display
SLDSierra Legal Defense
SLDStop Line Detection
SLDSystem Level Diagram
SLDSurreptitious Listening Device
SLDSLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) Large Detector (experimental particle physics)
SLDSelected Linear, Definite-Clause (logical proofs)
SLDStrategic Layout and Dispersal (US Navy)
SLDSecreterial Language Diploma (UK)
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In addition to mainline roadways, the teams are collecting data on ramps, which were not previously part of the SLD system.
This information should also help to determine areas where interagency collaboration and targeted education are needed in order to increase the referral base of persons with SLD seeking accommodations on the GED.
The folks at SLD apparently noticed this was a pretty expensive line, so they wanted to know what this was.
The present study was undertaken to newly examine the variability among the SLD terminology, definitions, and eligibility criteria of state education agencies, in part to verify Mercer, et al.
In the second phase of this study, the SLD frequency is planned to be determined as a result of clinical assessments in cases having probable SLD findings according to the scales.
SLD is the major cause of poor school performance with studies reporting 72% of poor school performers due to SLD.
The present study was conducted to determine the comorbidity of DS and SLD across non-clinical samples of boys and girls in schools.
Pollock and Waller (1995) described some typical SLD reading mistakes, such as to read very slowly and show hesitations, follow a list with his finger, and lose places by missing word chunks.
Of Asia's many multilateral mechanisms, the SLD is particularly useful for examining China's approach for a number of reasons.
MyGoFlight's SLD interface uses a Google Nexus 5 or 7 (that's a 5-inch and 7-inch screen configuration) Android tablet computer running the AirPlay app, which connects it with the controlling iPad, iPod or iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Students identified with ED or SLD have access to special education services to assist in improving their academic learning outcomes.
By comparing three groups of subjects (pupils with SLD, pupils without SLD whose achievement levels are equal to or opposite from their peers with SLD) and by administering objective achievement tests, the aim is also to see whether there is an association between low school achievement and disadaptive attribution styles, whether or not SLD is present.