SLDBSea Lion Defense Brigade
SLDBSarawak Land Development Board (est. 1972; Malaysia)
SLDBSri Lanka Development Bond
SLDBState Land Development Bank (India)
SLDBSerial Link Daughter Board (computing)
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In diagnosis, the scores obtained from WISC-R, SLDB, and the Learning Disability Symptom Screening Checklist, and, for disruptive conduct disorder the DSM-IV-based Disruptive Behavior Disorders Screening and Rating Scale were taken into consideration as well.
The revised SLDB includes subtests for literacy which assess reading speed and errors (40) in alphabetizing the letters, tasks that assess primacy and latency through the days of the week and the months of the year hand-eye-ear tests (to distinguish right and left in the subject's own body) (42), the Harris Lateralization Test (42), and the Clock Drawing Test (20,43).
The processing time for WISC-R and SLDB is approximately 90 min.