SLDCADAStandard Labor Data Collection And Distribution Application
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In July 2016, OPNAV N4 and the DON Office of Civilian and Human Resources (OCHR) decided to keep SLDCADA (option 3), in support of OCHR's Strategic Roadmap.
"SLDCADA is cost effective and extremely user friendly," said Tina Greenlee, SLDCADA assistant program manager and E-Business assistant program manager for NAVEBS.
Additionally, SLDCADA includes features inherently automated in the software.
In addition to approving the recommendation to maintain the status quo, Navy leadership also recognized a way forward that will increase SLDCADA's user capabilities and migrate it to the cloud, decisions that are in alignment with the DoD's push toward mobility and cloud capabilities.
For an application created in 1979, SLDCADA is "light, agile, and cloud-ready," Greenlee said.
In this age of migrating to the cloud to leverage commercial technology innovations, SLDCADA is an ideal test case for a cloud pilot because of the application's size and the code is already in HTML and Java, Greenlee said.
SLDCADA already offers two mobile options to enable a mobile workforce.
In 2012, SLDCADA engineers developed a punch-card type functionality that involves swiping a Common Access Card (CAC) over a reader to record an employee's in/out times for the Bureau of Medicine (BUMED).