SLDSSaludos (Spanish greeting)
SLDSSalesforce Lightning Design System
SLDSSystem Log Data Set
SLDSSystem Level Data Simulator
SLDSSwitching Linear Dynamic System
SLDSStatewide Longitudinal Data System
SLDSSt. Louis Downtown Site (Missouri)
SLDSShelf Life Decision System (food science)
SLDSSurvey on Lawyer Discipline Systems
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What are the prereferral processes used by elementary and middle school ESL teachers in a rural school district with a small ELL population to identify Latino ELLs with suspected SLDs?
The CDEP aims to develop a nationwide system providing access to data on industry-recognized certifications that can be added to SLDS.
(2007), archived at (describing the inception of the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems ("SLDS")).
A key area where the state sees promising use of the SLDS is in the growing challenge of filling middle-skill jobs to facilitate the development of Mississippi's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) based economy.
DST for SLDs was performed by using the proportion method and Lowenstein-Jensen medium with the following drug concentrations: ethionamide, 40.0 [micro]g/mL; ofloxacin, 2.0 [micro]g/mL; p-aminosalicylic acid, 0.5 [micro]g/mL; capreomycin, 40.0 [micro]g/mL; and kanamycin, 30.0 [micro]g/mL (17).
Results: Of 50 MDR-TB isolates tested, 24 (24/50, 48%) were found to be resistant to one or more SLDs. Of 50 MDR-TB isolates, 18 (18/50, 36%) showed resistance to ethionamide, 13 (13/50, 26%) to d-cycloserine, 11 (11/50, 22%) to ciprofloxacin, 7 (7/50, 14%) to kanamycin, 6 (6/50, 12%) to p-aminosalicylic acid, and 5 (5/50, 10%) to Amikacin.
Source: Indian Labour Year Book (various issues), Trade Unions, 2008, Labour Bureau, Shimla Table 2 Comparison of Statistics on Work Stoppages in Maharashtra from Two Sources for Select Years Years SS+CS SLD No.
Second if convinced there are access and cost issues for the contacts residing in peripheral districts to get screened due to few GeneXpert sites and last but not the least if detected the challenge persists due to enormous high cost of second-line drugs (SLDs) plus unavailability of SLDs with proven efficacy in the country and long time period for the treatment of disease.
The patient underwent a course of treatment including myofascial release of lower leg muscles, mobilization/ manipulation of the ankle mortise joint and Tanda laser therapy (3-660 nm red SLDs; 33-870nm infrared SLDs; delivering 5 Joules/c[m.sup.2] over 3 minutes).
The research performed was a thorough analysis of the available state documents that address RTI, special education and SLDs; however, there were limitations.
Tambien se han desarrollado instrumentos especificos para medir la calidad de vida de pacientes con esquizofrenia: sin embargo, algunos muestran limitaciones porque son excesivamente largos, como el Quality of Life Questionnaire (QoLQ) (12), el Quality of Life Self-Report-100 (QLS-100) (13) y el Quality of Life Checklist (QoLC) (11,14), o no tienen unas propiedades psicometricas claramente establecidas, como es el caso de la Quality of Life Scale (QLS)11; una limitacion adicional de algunos instrumentos es que requieren que los aplique un entrevistador entrenado, como la Satisfaction with Life Domain Scale (SLDS), la QLS o el Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life (MANSA) (15).
However, the specific grant scheme, known as the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) program, actually began handing out taxpayer money in 2005.