SLDSSaludos (Spanish greeting)
SLDSStatewide Longitudinal Data System
SLDSSt. Louis Downtown Site (Missouri)
SLDSShelf Life Decision System (food science)
SLDSSurvey on Lawyer Discipline Systems
SLDSSwitching Linear Dynamic System
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According to the Department of Education, the goal of the SLDS grants is to have states "expand their data systems to track students' achievement from preschool through college.
The Education Department refused to comment on the case, though it openly admits that one of the long-term goals of the SLDS program is to "make education data transparent through Federal and public reporting.
In another Education Department document offering "guidance" on the SLDS schemes, further insight is offered into what sort of information authorities are seeking and collecting.
Florida and other states have systems that use the SLDS to place this type of information on the Web, along with information about the cost of the programs, entrance requirements, and duration.
Bivariate Correlations with Means and Standard Deviations for Forgiveness, SLDS, and Control Variables
Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences SLDS Grant Program.
In three short years, we have gone from having no comprehensive SLDS to becoming a national leader in this regard," Governor Rendell said in the state's application last fall.
From the content contained in SLDS, Midisoft is building an innovative series of self-improvement multimedia programs incorporating proprietary simulation technology developed by Midisoft.