SLDVScanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (vibration measurement tool)
SLDVScuola Leonardo da Vinci (Italian: Leonardo Da Vinci School)
SLDVSame Location, Different Value
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SLDV has been widely used and has been well established for requirement based testing.
They can be tested via the proposed method using a formal analysis tool like SLDV. This reduces the need for test cases from 477 to just 3.
Test automation for requirements based testing (MiL tests) has been well established which are based on the concepts of continuous integration [24.] Incorporating SLDV within such a framework has not been explored in the literature.
In order to constrain the state space for formal verification by SLDV (to prevent the explosion of possible combinations), the input signals of the unit are constrained to the ranges as per the requirement specification, i.e.
For proof objective for SLDV, the "Proof block from the SLDV library is used.
(For SLDV, SLDV should be triggered in "Find Violation" mode to falsify the defined property (generate a test case (counterexample) for which the outputs of the unit lie outside the specified range)).
(In case of SLDV, a counter-example test case causing the violation will be generated).
This paper proposes automated testing methods using formal analysis tools like Simulink Design Verifier[TM] (SLDV) for boundary value testing and interface testing to address the demands of ISO 26262 concepts at unit and component level.
The authors discuss the use of Matlab Simulink[R] Simulink Design Verifier[TM] (SLDV) [4] toolbox as an example tool for the illustration of the hypothesis developed.
Due to the potentially large number of test cases that can be generated, any formal analysis tool like SLDV can have long execution times, sometimes many hours.