SLEASuburban Law Enforcement Academy (Illinois)
SLEASarnia-Lambton Environmental Association (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)
SLEASri Lanka Economic Association
SLEASouthern Lumber Exporters Association
SLEASublenticular Extended Amygdala (brain anatomy)
SLEAStudent Law Enforcement Association (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)
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Interestingly, cimetidine, which is largely used for the treatment of heartburn and peptic ulcers, has been shown to dramatically improve survival in patients with colorectal cancer exhibiting tumor cells that expressed high concentrations of sLeX and sLeA (13), suggesting that cimetidine blocks the adhesion of tumor cells to the endothelium and prevents metastasis via the suppression of the expression of E-selectin, which binds to sLeX and sLeA, on the surface of vascular endothelial cells (14).
5 -- Colombo, 05 November, ( The Annual meeting of the Sri Lanka Economic Association (SLEA) was held at the Central Bank Training Centre, Battaramulla on the theme 'Perspective for Accelerated Growth and Development'.
It was established in 2006 by the leaders from Aamjiwnaang First Nations community, the city council, local industry, and civil society groups, following a two-day meeting organized by the Sarnia-Lambton Environmental Association (SLEA).
Two and a half hours later, following 32 kilometres of up and down, windy village roads with the great force of the ocean battering my ill-prepared body, I made it to the cliffside cafe, Tigh Slea Head.
(3) Bottom photo: A favorite stop along Slea Head Drive was the caves on the beach.
Set on the River Slea, the town's Black Bull Inn dates to 1689 and illustrates the pastime of bull-baiting.
The landmark fish, a roach that was stocked into Lincolnshire's River Slea, came after a 16-year-old period that has seen Calverton introduce a multitude of species into venues throughout the British Isles.
The guards gathered confessions from each member of the family that suggested that Joanne had given birth to her child and then stabbed the baby to death; her siblings then drove the corpse to Slea Head and threw the baby into the sea.
Gardai alleged that Hayes gave birth to twins: the first twin was born in a field, died of natural causes, and was left in the field; the second twin was born in Hayes's bedroom, was beaten and stabbed by Hayes as her siblings watched, and thrown off a cliff at Slea Head, approximately fifty miles from the Hayes farm.
In her chapter on "Knole in the Reign of James I" she gives a relative assessment of the two, quoting John Donne's praise of Clifford: "He is utterly eclipsed--weak, vain, and prodigal--by the interest of that woman of character, his wife, knowing so well to `discourse of all things, from predestination to slea [unravelled] silk' and by the faithful picture that is her Diary" (69).
The stage directions require Abraham to lift his hands upward toward heaven as he exclaims how his "harte will breake in three" (253), while Isaac is to express fear: "fearinge leste his father will slea him" (265 s.d.).
One trail follows the River Slea, takes in Sleaford Castle, Money's Mill and the remains of the canal port, going downstream past several mills and other features of archaeological and historical interest.