SLEDAISystemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index
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Furthermore, the levels of plasma C3 negatively correlated with the SLEDAI scores and the titers of anti-dsDNA antibodies (r = -0.
Differences in severity of disease activity at the time of diagnosis measured by SLEDIA was not found to contribute significantly to growth failure as the SLEDAI score in the two groups were comparable (12 vs.
Se recolecto ademas, muestra de orina, en busqueda de signos de actividad de LES y para aplicar los criterios SLEDAI.
Relative analysis showed that no positive correlation was found among the serum level of MDC and SLEDAI (r =0.
Los pacientes con trastorno adaptativo mostraron mayor actividad lupica medida por SLEDAI (23,85 [+ o -] 10 frente a 19,04 [+ o -] 16,7; p = 0,34) y menor valor de C3 (47,9 [+ o -] 22,6 frente a 71,6 [+ o -] 46,5; p = 0,09), sin diferencias significativas.
Anti-dsDNA, serum C3, and serum C4 levels are among the laboratory parameters which are included in the SLEDAI.
At 12 months, there was no significant difference in the mean area under the curve SLEDAI scores, which were 18.
The primary efficacy measure was a SLEDAI response; defined as a decrease of at least 4 points in the SLEDAI-2K score, a scale generally accepted by physicians as an assessment of the clinical status of lupus patients, a lower score representing lower disease activity.
The SLE patients were classified into subgroups based on SLEDAI scores; SLEDAI [less than or equal to] 5 as active and SLEDAI <5 as inactive, and 18 patients were in active phase while 12 patients were in inactive phase.
19) En cada visita se valoraran los signos vitales (especialmente la presion arterial) y la actividad lupica con cualquiera de los cuestionarios validos y confiables de actividad (LAI, SLEDAI o la nueva clasificacion del Colegio Americano de Reumatologia).